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FLINTAB ENGINEERS AND CONSTRUCTORS performs welded mechanical constructions, mechanical machining, blasting, painting, all based on the projects provided by the Client. The Technical Department offers our Clients a service development and implementation project based on existing technology in the factory.

The company specializes in the execution of metallic structures for industrial, road, railway, but also welded metal structures for civil constructions.

Honoring a higher quality level of the obligations assumed to internal and external customers led to the strengthening of FLINTAB’s position on the market.
Increasing the quality and value of customer service has been reflected in optimizing solutions and significantly reducing delivery times with a continuous impact on customer satisfaction.

In the context of endeavors to expand and strengthen external and internal collaboration relationships, it is worth mentioning the launch of strategic partnerships with key suppliers of equipment and materials for production. FLINTAB’s sales system has been upgraded, giving it a clear orientation towards the market, meeting customer exigencies in addressing industry-specific issues and offering complete and customized solutions for each customer. Marketing programs are continually exploring ways of approaching the customer, as well as the means and experience with which we can support excellent services. The average selling prices we are practicing are competitive, on a level that is compatible with the purchasing power of the market.

We are receptive to all of the market requirements for improving product structure and are engaged in training programs of our staff to be well prepared to meet our customers' requirements and market trends. We want to be accepted as a professional company offering products with services that create added value.

The metal processing and manufacturing activity takes place in a total covered area of 3200 square meters, with wheelchairs with lifting capacities of between 3.2 and 10 tonnes. The average monthly capacity is 180 tons and may vary depending on the type of projects in progress.

FLINTAB ENGINEERS AND CONSTRUCTORS has a team of 50 employees, consisting of engineers, economists and skilled workers.

The factory is authorized by BUREAU VERITAS according to EN 1090-1:2009 + A1: 2011, EXC3 execution class, certificate no. 2129-CPR-0227.

The factory has certificates of qualification of welding procedures according to EN ISO 15614-1: 2004, our welders are authorized BUREAU VERITAS on different welding processes according to SR EN ISO 9606-1: 2014, the welds are checked according to the requirements of the specifications for each works and according to the standard for which EC certificates are issued.

FLINTAB Engineers and Constructors

The fabrication of the metal structures of the scales is monitored according to the quality plan and the tolerances, tests and verifications are in accordance with the requirements of SR EN 1090-2.

The factory produces complete products based on the technical drawing. In the preparation phase, it carries out cutting, turning, milling, drilling of various parts, then assembling, premontage, mounting, making metal constructions that are welded, sandblasted and painted.

The durability of paint coating systems applied to steel surfaces is in accordance with SR EN ISO 12944-1, for this purpose:
•  Surface preparation is made by sandblasting with an SA2 ½ cleaning degree according to BS4232;
•  The anticorrosive paint protection systems used are in accordance with SR EN ISO 12944-5, the factory using epoxy primers and acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane paints according to SR EN ISO 12944-7.

The company has an information system for accounting and production management, integrated with the INVENTOR design program of the Technical Department. Education and Training requirements of IIW Guideline "International Welding Engineer" and examination having satisfying the requirements of the Examination Board of the IIW Authorized Nominated Body.

Machinery and Equipment

  • 1 pce. Vertical machining center DOOSAN DNM 5700 FANUC CNC, Travel distance: 1050x570x510 mm, max. weight on table: 1000 kg;
  • 2 pcs. Universal milling machines with Numerical Controls, parts up to 600 kg;
  • 3 pcs. Portal drills machines for Dmax = 50 mm;
  • 1 pce. High-precision horizontal turning center DOOSAN PUMA GT2600l FANUC CNC, swing over bed 630 mm, max. turning diameter 460 mm, max. turning length 1000 mm; bar working diameter 81 mm, motor power 22 kW, chunk size 12”, spindle speed 3500 rot/min;
  • 2 pcs. universal lathe machines with numerical control 250x2000;
  • 1 pce. CNC mechanized plasma and oxigas cutting system : 2000x6000mm plate dimensions, HYPERTHERM XPR 300 plasma cutting for mild steel up to 80 mm thickness, stainless steel up to 38 mm thickness, methane cutting up to 300 mm thickness with 2 pcs. HARRIS heads;
    •  Numerical control cutting machine with oxy-gas and plasma source of 120A;
    •  Mobile car with oxy-gas cutter;
    •  Portable plasma cutting machine 120A;
  • 2 pcs. Welding machines LINCOLN speedtec 505 Pulsed MIG/MAG process, Premium Welding Behaviour on CV MIG & MMA Welding, Variable inductance control, Synergic Capability;
  • 12 pcs. Synergic MIG / MAG welding equipment with max. 500A liquid cooling;
  • 6 pcs. Inverter welding equipment with electrode and TIG;
  • 1 pce. Hydraulic workshop straightening press with mobile piston 250 tons, space between cylinders 2500 mm;
  • 1 pce. Beam drill line FICEP EXCALIBUR 12 - 12 meters long single spindle CNC drill line, 22 horsepower per spindle, equipped with a six-position automatic tool changer facilitate different holes size requirements and applications as scribing, countersinking, milling for slotted holes and tapping for processing following applications: Flange drilling, Web drilling, Scribing, Milling, Automatic sequencing from one section to the next, Drilling of angles, Processing of plate detail, Drilling of structural tubes;
  • 1 pce. Sand blasting bin with automatic recovery and sorting;
    •  Blast machine CLEMCO SCWB-2460 (300l) for sandblasting;
  • 1 pce. Airless Painting Hall with dimensions 3.5x4.5x12 m, equipped with methane gas heating systems, filtration and ventilation systems;
  • 3 pcs. Air-less paint pumps for powder-metal powder blends airless spray pump GRACO XTREME 70:1 for heavy-duty painting;
  • 1 pce. Semiautomatic, hydraulically manipulated two-column band PEGAS-GONDA 440X600 HORIZONTAL SHI 4 kW saw machine, suitable for serial production enables to cut wide range of materials including stainless steels and tool steels both profiles and full materials;
  • 4 pcs. Belt grinders GRIT GIS 150, high grinding performance thanks to 4 kW motor;
  • 1 pce. Hydraulic guillotine for 10 x 3000 mm sheets;
  • 1 pce. Hydraulic press brake DENER CNC Smart XL, bending strength of 320 tons, maximum bending length of 3 m, ESA S 660 W 3D controller;
  • 1 pce. ABKANT hydraulic for tables up to 5x2000 mm;
  • 8 pcs. KONECRANES wheelchairs with a payload of up to 10,000 kg;
  • 1 pce. DIECI front loader with payload of 12,000 kg;
  • 2 pcs. universal milling machines with Numerical Controls, parts up to 600 kg;
  • 3 Portal Drills for Dmax = 50 mm;
  • 2 pcs. hydraulic threads Mmax = 32 mm;
  • 1 pce. Concrete ironing machine Dmax = 35 mm;
  • 1 pce. Multifunction hydraulic machine Pmax = 90 to.;
  • 3 pcs. Air screw compressors Pmax. = 10atm., Q = 20 mc / min.;
  • 2 pcs. TIR trucks with a payload of 22,000 kg equipped with cranes up to 12,000 kg;


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